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00:02 πŸ”— godane i seen the DITC site before about 2 weeks ago
00:03 πŸ”— godane but didn't know how to do it until now
00:03 πŸ”— godane there are 2 number systems it looks like
00:03 πŸ”— godane ADAxxxxxx numbering
00:04 πŸ”— godane then there is a AD0xxxxxx numbering system
00:06 πŸ”— godane for example anything with www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a003342.pdf is a ADA number type
00:07 πŸ”— pokeball9 haha,am i the only one that sees these typos on jason's site,or does SketchCow just not correct them?
00:07 πŸ”— godane without the "a" in the file it will be AD0 type
00:08 πŸ”— pokeball9 "We labelled as best we can", on the September 2nd post
00:09 πŸ”— SketchCow Is pokeball doing anything useful? Because I'm sick of him.
00:09 πŸ”— pokeball9 D:
00:09 πŸ”— SketchCow Someone justify him, like a kitten or a tattoo
00:09 πŸ”— pokeball9 im with bibanon
00:10 πŸ”— SketchCow You don't get a say
00:10 πŸ”— godane he help me figure out DITC when searching about the ebay book he link here
00:11 πŸ”— SketchCow That's something.
00:11 πŸ”— godane i also have Vintage Airplane collection
00:11 πŸ”— SketchCow Can't wait
00:11 πŸ”— pokeball9 i been wanting to ask you about releasing the ~10 million threads/post of 4chan
00:12 πŸ”— SketchCow Not answering.
00:12 πŸ”— SketchCow In fact, going idle. It's 1am here in Brussels and I have a full full day tomorow.
00:13 πŸ”— pokeball9 alright SketchCow,im going to pm a little something about releasing them
00:13 πŸ”— SketchCow OK, that's it.
00:13 πŸ”— SketchCow sets mode: +b *!*uid118096@*.tooting.irccloud.com
00:13 πŸ”— pokeball9 was kicked by SketchCow (pokeball9)
00:14 πŸ”— SketchCow Anyway, gamefront uploading continues apace
00:15 πŸ”— SketchCow I'll be winking in and out here, butwill do my best to make sure FOS doesn't fill
00:16 πŸ”— phuzion SketchCow: Did you see the thing about making a FOS rsync target for the #nohome project?
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00:30 πŸ”— SketchCow yes. go ahead.
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06:12 πŸ”— Spring is there a script that can scape a person's Facebook public feed for photos, without being a member?
06:13 πŸ”— SketchCow Dude, she's not coming back
06:13 πŸ”— Spring lol. An illustrator died recently and there's a feed with his work that would be nice to save
06:15 πŸ”— SketchCow It's not easy
06:15 πŸ”— SketchCow You think it would be
06:15 πŸ”— SketchCow Google had the Google Liberation Front
06:15 πŸ”— SketchCow We should write a facebook scraper
06:15 πŸ”— SketchCow Just open-source tht shiznat
06:18 πŸ”— Spring hmm, there's a userscript that appears to do this but requires an account. Wonder if the account is simply needed for some key. https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/2180-download-fb-album-mod
06:18 πŸ”— Spring screenshots, https://docs.google.com/document/d/11ICWMx6PtEd6tXdJ0SSnZkdV7Y340bDINuC8ydxL-Lc/edit?pli=1
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06:40 πŸ”— JesseW grumble... there are still 13 urlteam dumps whose torrents are broken by a IA bug that I reported a month ago, but hasn't been resolved.
06:41 πŸ”— JesseW there's a workaround -- adding a review fixes it -- but it's still irritating.
06:45 πŸ”— godane DTIC ADA005002: Integer Programming by Group Theory: Some Computational Results : https://archive.org/details/DTIC_ADA005002
06:47 πŸ”— JesseW godane: neat!
06:48 πŸ”— godane thanks
06:49 πŸ”— godane i'm going to bed for now
06:49 πŸ”— godane bbl
06:57 πŸ”— JesseW g'night!
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07:49 πŸ”— Spring I don't suppose anyone here has a Facebook account they could try this Perl script on, http://www.sat.dundee.ac.uk/~arb/facebook/facebook-album-downloader.pl
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10:13 πŸ”— chazchaz Spring: Is there a reason you don't just make a throwaway account?
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10:15 πŸ”— Spring chazchaz, never looked into it as I thought it required real names now
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10:40 πŸ”— Spring Ugh, need an alternate email to verify the disposable one
10:45 πŸ”— vitzli http://10minutemail.com/ ?
10:47 πŸ”— Spring Microsoft seems to blacklist these temp mail sites
10:48 πŸ”— Spring also need one I can come back to
10:48 πŸ”— midas why?
10:49 πŸ”— Spring I've been blocked from my other live.com email at times due to IP anomalies (I sometimes switch between IPs) and they need your alternate email
10:49 πŸ”— midas it's a disposable account..
10:50 πŸ”— midas thats like registrating your burnerphone so you can trace it
10:50 πŸ”— Spring I'm not going through the time and hassle of creating two independent accounts for single use if I'm doing this
10:51 πŸ”— Spring may as well do it right so next time I don't have to repeat the process
10:54 πŸ”— Spring looks like Microsoft disables the 'create account' button if you use a temp email account...
10:55 πŸ”— Spring gah, there needs to be some online bot
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11:01 πŸ”— dan-| Spring: can you create gmail account -> create facebook one?
11:01 πŸ”— dan-| or something dodgy like that
11:01 πŸ”— Spring still requires a temp email account for the Gmail process
11:01 πŸ”— dan-| is now known as dan-
11:02 πŸ”— Spring or should I say /an/ email account
11:03 πŸ”— Spring if done correctly a disposable email shouldn't need a legitimate email for registration, but they appear to be blacklisted
11:05 πŸ”— vitzli use russian mail providers like mail.ru, they are crap, but ok for one-time use
11:06 πŸ”— Spring Gmail uses SMS verification now, too
11:06 πŸ”— vitzli they may ask for a phone number, but I think there is an option to skip this step
11:06 πŸ”— Spring nope. I'm on the screen currently
11:07 πŸ”— Spring ah, sorry, you're referring to the .ru mail
11:10 πŸ”— vitzli maybe yandex.ru/.net is less crap, but I'm not sure, they all have questionable business practices
11:10 πŸ”— Spring Google seems to have downgraded their safe browsing diagnostics tool, too, which is a pity.
11:11 πŸ”— Spring used to give a fairly detailed summary of any malware found on a given site, including dates and which sites had the malware. Now it just states 'Recently dangerous' if anything is found.
11:18 πŸ”— VADemon russian mail: go to yandex.com, register one and then always refer to it as mail@yandex.ru: multiple domains, one email address
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11:33 πŸ”— Spring FINALLY
11:33 πŸ”— Spring SUCCESS
11:43 πŸ”— Spring Lesson 1 learned. The userscript fails.
12:02 πŸ”— Spring Lesson 2. Perl hangs on the other script. fml :p
12:07 πŸ”— Spring brb
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12:13 πŸ”— Spring I give up. Installed the correct Perl modules only to discover they're already installed in the correct location but the Perl isn't seeing them due to an extra sub directory. And with the custom -I library path option it hangs.
12:13 πŸ”— Spring So I have no idea how I'm meant to archive these images.
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12:50 πŸ”— godane DTIC AD0006423: ANTIGENIC STUDIES ON INFLUENZA VIRUS : https://archive.org/details/DTIC_AD0006423
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12:52 πŸ”— PurpleSym SketchCow: Do you get to read info@archive.org? I sent an email a week ago asking for a collection for Yahoo Groups, but haven’t received a response yet.
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14:50 πŸ”— midas sets mode: +o joepie91
14:50 πŸ”— joepie91 hm
14:50 πŸ”— joepie91 I accidentally parted, it seems.
14:50 πŸ”— joepie91 anyhow.
14:50 πŸ”— joepie91 https://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/3qi52e/how_to_securely_allow_users_to_upload_files/cwfqj5l?context=1
14:51 πŸ”— vitzli use FTP?
14:51 πŸ”— joepie91 vitzli: clicky
14:51 πŸ”— joepie91 vitzli: you'll see why
14:51 πŸ”— joepie91 the bi-monthly "just outsource to a third party so you don't have to understand it!" fool
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14:53 πŸ”— joepie91 also, "S3 is the starting point for modern webdev" - no, no it is not
14:53 πŸ”— chazchaz Spring: If you need a disposable address, you can always register a free subdomain at https://freedns.afraid.org/ and set your mx record to mailinator.com
14:53 πŸ”— chazchaz then you can make up addresses on a domain that isn't blocked whenever you need one
14:54 πŸ”— chazchaz zero security though
14:54 πŸ”— Spring thanks for the tip, chazchaz
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14:56 πŸ”— chazchaz afraid does make you log in every 6 months or something, so keep that in mind, especially if you don't give them a real address
14:57 πŸ”— godane starting to upload DTIC stuff again
14:57 πŸ”— godane i had a 115 items waiting to be deriving
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15:02 πŸ”— vitzli it's ok article, but I would do mime.magic on file instead of trusting mimetype blindly
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15:04 πŸ”— vitzli Comments are interesting
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15:15 πŸ”— midas joepie91: s3 is the solution to all his problems. ALL of them.
15:16 πŸ”— midas 20 years experience, S3.
15:16 πŸ”— midas developer? S3.
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15:41 πŸ”— godane so i found something interesing
15:42 πŸ”— godane i was looking at Doc Thompson show on CBS Detroit from 2012
15:42 πŸ”— godane now i may not be able to get full episodes of that
15:42 πŸ”— godane i did find a patten
15:42 πŸ”— godane example: http://ak.podcast.play.it:80/media/d0/d0/d1/d0/dA/dM/dA/10AMA_3.MP3
15:43 πŸ”— myself 10AMA is repeated in the folder structure
15:43 πŸ”— godane exactly
15:43 πŸ”— godane but also this
15:43 πŸ”— godane example: http://ak.podcast.play.it:80/media/d0/d0/d1/d0/dA/dM/dC/10AMC_3.MP3
15:44 πŸ”— godane we can mirror this
15:44 πŸ”— myself 3PM.3_CMA01\Cd\Md\Ad\0d\1d\0d\0d\media\08:ti.yalp.tsacdop.ka\\:ptth
15:45 πŸ”— myself okay but what does that accomplish?
15:45 πŸ”— * myself ducks
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15:55 πŸ”— zhongfu 13.5 million plaintext passwords leaked from 000webhost (since March!): www.troyhunt.com/2015/10/breaches-traders-plain-text-passwords.html
15:57 πŸ”— MrRadar Is that why the 000webhost site is being archived by ArchiveBot right now?
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16:08 πŸ”— Specular zhongfu, one mistake after another...
16:08 πŸ”— myself That article was like being the only sober person at karaoke.
16:09 πŸ”— myself It's just a succession of awful things, each worse than the last, and you can't imagine it'll keep going but you know it must because you haven't reached the end yet.
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16:35 πŸ”— joepie91 zhongfu: MrRadar: Specular: myself: http://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/55653/aurimas-rapalis-the-owner-of-hostinger-was-murdered-on-30th-of-last-month
16:35 πŸ”— joepie91 relevant
16:36 πŸ”— Specular oh snap
16:37 πŸ”— joepie91 can you say bizarre?
16:37 πŸ”— Specular "Have you heard of 000WebHost or youhosting(It gives Free reseller webhosting ) or vps.me or Hosting24 ? All of them are owned by Hostinger"
16:37 πŸ”— xmc jeepers
16:37 πŸ”— Specular how on earth did you find this?
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16:37 πŸ”— joepie91 Specular: I hang around LET
16:38 πŸ”— joepie91 Specular: there's often little bits of interesting info floating around there
16:38 πŸ”— joepie91 that otherwise haven't escaped local media
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16:56 πŸ”— godane a example set of nyc.podcast.play.it grab: https://archive.org/details/nyc.podcast.play.it-mp3-UQMx-ids
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17:44 πŸ”— godane SketchCow: here is one author in my DTIC archive collection: https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22Hill%2C+Christopher+T%22
17:44 πŸ”— godane 6 papers are authored by him
17:44 πŸ”— godane that we know of so far
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18:33 πŸ”— Specular useful page, https://weakdh.org/sysadmin.html
18:36 πŸ”— MrRadar See also Mozilla's guides for configuring SSL/TLS and OpenSSH: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Guidelines/OpenSSH
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19:36 πŸ”— joepie91 my god
19:36 πŸ”— joepie91 how does jamendo manage to make every version of the site worse and worse
19:36 πŸ”— joepie91 now I can't select text because it goes into some dumb mobile drag mode
19:36 πŸ”— joepie91 ffs
19:37 πŸ”— myself it's full of (scroll)bars?
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19:39 πŸ”— * joepie91 rants into feedback page
19:39 πŸ”— joepie91 myself: https://www.jamendo.com/album/151736/aboutime-adagio-for-7-cellos-and-1-piano
19:39 πŸ”— joepie91 try selecting the album title
19:40 πŸ”— Specular joepie91, works here
19:40 πŸ”— Specular Firefox
19:41 πŸ”— joepie91 for me it just goes into drag mode
19:41 πŸ”— joepie91 in Chrome
19:45 πŸ”— schbirid hey midas ^ ;)
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19:47 πŸ”— joepie91 this shit is so broken it's not even funny
19:48 πŸ”— Start has joined #archiveteam-bs
19:48 πŸ”— schbirid welcome to jamendo
19:49 πŸ”— schbirid that reminds me, did anyone go for the flac archive of jamendo?
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 I have not gotten around to it yet, but there are multiple avenues
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 well
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 were
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 seems they broke one of them
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 because the artist info API seems to be completely down as well
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 returning empty 200 responses
19:50 πŸ”— schbirid urgh
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 so, GOOD JOB JAMENDO
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 fucking hell.
19:50 πŸ”— joepie91 just throw version -2 back up and call it a day, because that one actually, y'know, worked
19:51 πŸ”— joepie91 oh and OGG seems perma-gone now
19:51 πŸ”— schbirid i want the blue site back
19:51 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: that was probably version -2?
19:51 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: the one before they did the fancy on-page player stuff
19:51 πŸ”— schbirid dunno, iirc it still had ed2k links
19:51 πŸ”— joepie91 and where you could pick a filetype when downloading
19:51 πŸ”— joepie91 oh, that's an earlier one I think
19:52 πŸ”— MrRadar Wow, ed2k. I haven't heard/thought about that in *years*
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19:56 πŸ”— myself Yup, goes into scrolly shit for me too. That's lovely.
19:56 πŸ”— myself Just like some tumblrs and stuff that try to prevent you from right-clicking. Press F12, find what you want in the page source. Wipe hands on pants.
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20:01 πŸ”— schbirid joepie91: flac and ogg download works fine for me. it's for tracks only, not albums
20:02 πŸ”— schbirid https://developer.jamendo.com/v3.0/tracks/file
20:02 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: different API
20:02 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: also, does it have documented FLAC download now?
20:03 πŸ”— schbirid ah
20:03 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: right, this one requires auth.
20:03 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: PM
20:06 πŸ”— brayden_ has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:07 πŸ”— Specular the old Opera had a per-site setting that could disable scripts hijacking right-clicks
20:08 πŸ”— Specular one of the many things I miss
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20:11 πŸ”— aaaaaaaaa dom.event.contextmenu.enabled in forefox
20:12 πŸ”— Specular not per site though
20:13 πŸ”— Specular the phantom pain
20:18 πŸ”— joepie91 I have good news and I have bad news
20:18 πŸ”— brayden_ has joined #archiveteam-bs
20:18 πŸ”— joepie91 the good news is that the old API isn't broken
20:18 πŸ”— joepie91 the bad news is that it simply doesn't contain newer entries and seems to run off an entirely separate database
20:18 πŸ”— joepie91 :|||
20:19 πŸ”— aaaaaaaaa I guess that is one way to handle migration
20:21 πŸ”— joepie91 increasingly tempted to punch a Jamendo dev
20:23 πŸ”— brayden has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:26 πŸ”— diacope has joined #archiveteam-bs
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20:52 πŸ”— joepie91 oh, excellent
20:52 πŸ”— joepie91 v3 api is giving me empty responses
20:52 πŸ”— joepie91 for tracks that exist
20:52 πŸ”— joepie91 :||||||
20:59 πŸ”— brayden has joined #archiveteam-bs
21:05 πŸ”— schbirid erm, youtube "smack my bit" gives me "smack my bits up the prodigy" in the auto suggestions. "smack my bitc" gives nothing.
21:05 πŸ”— brayden_ has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:05 πŸ”— ersi lol
21:05 πŸ”— joepie91 in today's episode of dumb idea theatre
21:05 πŸ”— joepie91 https://github.com/felixge/node-mysql/issues/1120#issuecomment-151867072
21:05 πŸ”— joepie91 let's reintroduce SQLi!
21:06 πŸ”— * joepie91 accumulates reasons to want to punch somebody tonight
21:06 πŸ”— schbirid is it javascript?
21:06 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: yes, but not specific to JS.
21:07 πŸ”— schbirid i hope you realise it has more than 5000 stars on github
21:07 πŸ”— Fletcher has joined #archiveteam-bs
21:07 πŸ”— schbirid he is a rockstar developer node-js lean bro
21:07 πŸ”— joepie91 schbirid: not node-mysql
21:07 πŸ”— joepie91 the suggestion I linked to
21:07 πŸ”— joepie91 SQL template strings
21:07 πŸ”— schbirid yesyes
21:07 πŸ”— joepie91 fucking awful idea
21:07 πŸ”— schbirid you just dont get it, he is smarter
21:07 πŸ”— * joepie91 glares at schbirid
21:08 πŸ”— schbirid wait, felixge != felixfbecker
21:08 πŸ”— schbirid sorry
21:08 πŸ”— schbirid move along
21:08 πŸ”— * schbirid goes zzz
21:08 πŸ”— schbirid has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
21:08 πŸ”— joepie91 yes, different person
21:08 πŸ”— joepie91 lol
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21:16 πŸ”— joepie91 .........
21:17 πŸ”— joepie91 "Select only tracks of a certain type. By default we return only albumtracks to avoid the high risk of bugging applications (especially those built before 2015, that is before the existence of singles). Using 'type=single albumtrack' you will select both types"
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23:12 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ out of interest, I tried feeding a porn tube link to the WM
23:13 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ would you know what kind of policy IA has here? Do they consider porn culturally important?
23:13 πŸ”— myself Order some more petaboxes!
23:14 πŸ”— arkiver IA is fine with anything as long as it's not illegal to store
23:15 πŸ”— arkiver (I think)
23:15 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ I know that, arkiver, but I suppose that some things is given more importance than others?
23:16 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ for instance, I'd rate cnn.com over bronyrotica.com (if that exists)
23:17 πŸ”— arkiver I think if IA is short on storage/money then cn..com would be chosen over that other site
23:17 πŸ”— arkiver But I think while IA is not short on storage all bits are equal
23:19 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ makes sense ... and no-one knows what is interesting to people in 500 or 1000 years. After all, we freak out when we find garbage piles from certain eras.
23:20 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ whoops, time to go to bed ... see ya
23:21 πŸ”— arkiver have a good night
23:22 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ thanks
23:22 πŸ”— Ghost_of_ has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
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